Livermore Amateur Radio Group Endeavors
Amateur Radio Contesting and Repeater Operations

Informational Links

This page is for informational links of value to K6LRG participants and any amateur radio operators interested.

LARGE Web Links

  • Livermore Amateur Radio Klub

    All of the K6LRG principles and many associates are members of LARK and work closely with the club on a number of projects.

  • Northern Amateur Relay Council of California

    NARCC is the governing body for repeater frequency coordination in the state of California

  • ARRL Contest Corral

    Learn about the available contests many of which will be worked by the K6LRG contesting team

  • Ether Web Network

    A major contributor to the K6LRG group, this company provides wireless Internet service to Tri-valley residents who otherwise could not get it.

  • Logbook of the World

    Support online QSL and log uploading!  Get signed up with LOTW now!