Livermore Amateur Radio Group Endeavors
Amateur Radio Contesting and Repeater Operations

Contact L.A.R.G.E.

Livermore Amateur Radio Group Endeavors
1452 North Vasco Road #292
Livermore, CA 94551
(510) 421-2232

PLEASE DO NOT QSL TO THIS ADRESS (see info at right)

The fellers with the keys to the shack :)

Club Founder, Analog repeater trustee:

Jon Schwartz K6EWN: k6ewn@largeradio.org

Co-founder, HF Contest Coordinator and Webmaster(WV6I call trustee):

Chris Tate N6WM: n6wm@largeradio.org

Co-founder, analog repeater/Packet Node trustee and technical lead:

Adam Bertsch KG6C kg6c@largeradio.org


 K6LRG/WV6I/N6WM QSL Manager and Dstar repeater trustee:

Ian Parker W6TCP w6tcp@largeradio.org

Repeater Technical Group (which at this time is all of the above hi hi):