Livermore Amateur Radio Group Endeavors
Amateur Radio Contesting and Repeater Operations

Jon Schwartz, K6EWN working stations

About L.A.R.G.E.

The story of K6LRG begins with Jon Schwartz, K6EWN who initially used the club call for a 6 Meter repeater. After a couple of field day efforts, and a winning VHF contest effort from an abandoned Comcast microwave site, at 1800 ft elevation on Patterson pass above the Altamont in the East San Francisco bay area,  Jon K6EWN, Chris Tate N6WM and Adam Bertsch, KG6C with a groundswell of support from many community members, refurbished the shack, and put up many arrays of antennas covering bands 160m though 2.3 gig.

On the contest side of the shop,  Under the stewardship of contest coordinator Chris N6WM(Trustee for other club call, WV6I), and from participation of many LARGE members and other local operators, K6LRG is now a regularly heard big signal in HF and VHF and up contesting with many titles won over the last couple of years, on the sectional and divisional level.  K6LRG participates in CLUB competition with the Northern California Contest Club.

On the repeater side of the shop, John K6EWN and Adam KG6C continue to expand the scope of K6LRG analog repeater operations, adding most recently a 220 MHz repeater in the Livermore Valley.  Continued growth of this system would not be possible without the financial, technical and labor contributions of the bay area ham community! 

Also part of K6LRG is Ian Parker, W6TCP. Actually one of the founders of K6LRG, Ian has begun to get involved in K6LRG HF operations, providing equipment, skills and operating. Ian also is the Trustee for the newly installed K6LRG DSTAR system, providing bay area wide Digital UHF coverage.

There are opportunities for all amateur radio operators who want to get involved in repeater ops, contesting, or financially supporting the group.  We welcome amateur radio operators who want to get involved.

If you hang out on the hilltops of Livermore or the Tri-Valley area, or listen to local bay area repeaters, odds are you will run into one of us up on the hills or on the air