Livermore Amateur Radio Group Endeavors
Amateur Radio Contesting and Repeater Operations

Repeater: K6LRG/R 1.25 meters Mid/Low Level

Location: South Livermore Hills

Frequency: 224.880 - Offset(223.280) PL 94.8

Net schedule: TBD

Coverage: Tri-Valley

Repeater: K6LRG/R 6 meters High Level

Location: Patterson Pass, Livermore, CA QRT For maintenance

Frequency: 52.9 - Offset(52.4) PL 114.8

Net schedule: Cancelled

Coverage: Tri-Valley, SF Peninsula, Central Valley and Sierra Foothills

Repeater: K6LRG/R 23 cm

Location: Pleasanton Ridge, Pleasanton California

Frequency: 1287.625 - Offset PL 88.5

Net schedule: None Planned

Coverage: Tri-Valley including San Ramon and Danville